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The Twenty-8-Eight Full Moon Watch is the latest addition to the Sinn Replica family. It features a dial that's a little unusual, with a complication for the moon phase.

The left-hand side of this dial is partially skeletonized, with contours and reliefs visible. This gives a vision of the dreamlike world. The right side has the inky-blueness of celestial infinite,Audemars Piguet Replica Watches which is encrusted by a Goldfluss plaque, a type glittering synthetic glass made with copper and reduced oxygen using an ancient firing method discovered in Venice during the 12th century.

The moon phase display can be found at 6 o'clock. It consists of two mother-of pearl moons which play against each other, interpreting the cycle of life in a unique way. Moon phase is reminiscent of a telescope from the past, where the moon passes through the "eye". The moon phase module was developed and produced entirely in-house. The dial is finished with rose gold applied Roman and Arabic numerals.

The Twenty-8-Eight Full Moon Watch comes in a 43mm diameter titanium case with a brushed finish. The brand's iconic imperial columns are encrusted on the round, mid-sized case.Rolex Datejust Replica The robust caliber of the new Sinn Replica provides a power reserve of at least 42 hours. The automatic movement is a 4 Hz (48,000 vibrations per minute) frequency.

The watch is then secured on the wrist by a strap made of black alligator leather, with a titanium folding buckle.

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